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Each specific rug will only be presented as available for purchase if the edition has not been sold out. Once an edition is completely sold out, no other rugs of that specific design will be created. Each rug edition is strictly limited to 150 pieces, as per our agreement with the designer and/or foundation. No further rugs are ever produced.

What is a limited edition rug?

CF Editions works closely with leading contemporary artists,  designers and their representatives to commission limited edition rugs from either a new or existing artworks. Each rug is produced in a limited number from this original artwork under the direct supervision of the artist, designer or foundation. A Certificate of Authenticity will be hand-signed and numbered by the artist or his/her foundation representative and by a representative of Christopher Farr. 

CF Editions returns policy:

We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee if you are not happy with your CF Editions rug. Please note that returns must be made in original packaging and that all returns must be made at the customer’s expense. 

For full return policy see Terms and Conditions


CF Editions is firmly committed to respecting your privacy. Please rest assured, we never have and never will share your details with any third party. If you are on our mailing list you will only receive emails from us about new rug editions or offers, and you can remove yourself at any time from our mailing list using the fully automatic link in any email sent to you.

For full privacy policy see CF Editions Terms and Conditions

Care and Fair, an ethical way to produce

Christopher Farr an active member of Care & Fair, an organisation based in India dedicated to ethical labour practices in the rug industry and the education of children in weaving areas.

Care & Fair came into being in 1994. This initiative was founded by committed carpet importers and dedicated itself to ethical labour practices in the countries of origin and at the same time the improvement of living conditions for carpet knotters as well as their families in the knotting regions of India, Nepal and Pakistan.

Care & Fair seeks to make clear to manufacturers, through co-operation and partnership, that western buyers will no longer accept products originating from unethical labour practices or other socially unacceptable production. 

Christopher Farr is one of over 450 member companies to date worldwide that have committed themselves to these goals to provide an example within industry and trade of the fact that taking on social responsibility serves everybody’s well-being. 

For more information, please visit the Care & Fair web site.

Each Christopher Farr and CF Editions rug  is certified by Care and Fair and features their label. 



Your CF Editions rug should be stored or moved rolled. It should never be left folded. 


Be careful when unwrapping your rug, use scissors and not a craft knife and make sure you only cut the wrapping.


A good underlay can increase the lifespan of your rug by cushioning it from the impact of being walked on, especially if it is layed on a wooden floor. Try not to lay your rug on a severely uneven floor as the parts of the rug covering the raised areas will wear more quickly than the parts covering the recesses. Remember water and moisture damage your rug; so do not lay it on a damp surface or place a pot plant on top of it and keep an eye on your pets!


A dirty rug wears prematurely; regular vacuuming helps prevent gritty dirt on the surface from working its way into the weave and increasing wear. Do be careful though as a vacuum equipped with a brush or ‘beater bar’ is too harsh for hand made rugs and can cause damage after a while. For regular cleaning use the standard suction only nozzle and vacuum in the same direction as the nap (the direction of the nap can be determined by running your hand over the rug to check which direction the pile flows in).


Our handmade rugs are made with the highest quality wool containing natural oils, which give a waterproof quality, rather like that of a Guernsey jumper. With normal use your rug should not need to be cleaned more than once every one to one and a half years. In order to protect the special qualities of the wool it is necessary for them to be cleaned by hand in the same way as one would clean an antique rug and commercial detergents should not be used.


The first essential when there is a spillage is to act immediately.

Blot liquid spills with white paper towel, a colourless sponge or clean white cloth. Rubbing a spill will simply push it deeper into your rug, do not do this. After blotting up the majority of the spill dilute the remainder with cold water and continue blotting. Solid spills must be scooped up with a spoon or blunt knife before beginning the above process. Never use hot water, chemical cleaners, bleaches or alkalis on your rug as they will damage it. Remember spills of virtually any nature can be removed without leaving a permanent stain if taken care of in time. In certain climates failure to dry your rug properly can result in mildew so be sure to blot until all moisture is removed, remember to check the backing is dry too.


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